Big Data

Data is the backbone of IT industry and its heterogeneous growth rate is changing the way of doing business. Moreover, the data is substantially empowering the data to day business decision makings.

We use the right techniques and tools to gather any type of data and cut the time-to-insights for decisions makers, customers, suppliers, and employees.

We undertake the complex dig data problems in a way that the results itself produce the business specific outputs. For businesses to make the most of available data, it is essential to blend, engineer, cleanse, and manage them effectively with the most cutting-edge technology. Knowing this, we engineer data sets to exploit big data opportunities to unravel niche insights. We harness most current big data tools and technologies to transform data and cut the time-to-insights for decisions makers, customers, and employees.

what we offer
Data Governance

Kestrome’s data governance mechanisms enablebusinesses to manage the overall usability, availability, security, and integrity of data assets within an enterprise.

Data Modeling

Our data modeling techniques use a wide variety of applications, databases and NoSQL stores to solve the big data problems which are complex for data analysis.

End to End Data Management

A holistic approach to manage the data enables businesses to manage the full data lifecycle from transformation and processing to storage.

Data Lake Design

Traditional storage and analytic solution add to the complexity of ingesting and storing data. With data lake architecture our data scientists and analysts can do any type of processing be it real-time or batched.