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How to Design a Logo

LOGO: A demonstration to your brand

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  • Nov. 09, 2021

LOGO: A demonstration to your brand.

Logo is the symbol and essential part that reveals the brand’s visual identity. It plays an integral role in communicating the brand to the public. So, it should be designed with perfection and commitment. Perfection to be perfect in illustrating a particular brand to the public and commitment in convincing the public to accept the brand with trust and integrity.

A logo should be unique, sensible and it should create a powerful impact on consumers so that they can perceive the brand without any hesitation. There should be some story with your logo which is understandable, memorable and enduring. A logo plays an important character in building up the brand. It should communicate a message that any respective brand of a company wants to give to their target audience.

So, before you start the process to design a logo, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself

What is the business name that you want to print on a logo?

What are your product and services?

Who are your ideal customer

Do you have a specific idea in mind for your logo (any logo story)?

What is the tagline (if any) exactly as it should appear on your logo?

Who is your target audience?

Do you want to use any specific images or icons that you wish or do not wish to be in your logo?

Do you have any color preferences or existing colors you want to be used in your logo?

Do you have any font or type of font preference?

Who are your main competitors?

Do you want 2D or 3D logo?

Do you want an image or .gif as an end product?

What is your budget and timeline?

Now the next step is to use any tool to design the logo or take help from expert. A business is distinguished by its company name and logo so better to hire a Logo Designer who can help you and provide variety of designing options. 

Trademark logo and name for your company 

To initiate the process, you have to visit, Patent Designs and Trademarks website to find an online trademark search database. You can conduct the search by yourself or even seek professional help. Only when the search option shows “no match found”, it signifies that your trademark is unique and you can proceed to the next step. Fill in the trademark application, pay one time fee, upload the required documents and submit. 

After successfully completing all the steps, your trademark name and logo will be published in a reputed Trade Mark Journal.

If the registrar receives no objection within the stipulated time, your trademark name and logo is officially protected. You will finally receive the Certificate of registration with the seal of the Trademark Registry.

Hope this was helpful! 

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