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BMS – Business Management Solution.

A Business Management Solution, often referred to as BMS, is a powerful and integrated software platform designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. It serves as a centralized hub for managing and optimizing key business processes, facilitating smooth operations, and achieving sustainable growth.

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AI Powered Restaurant/Hotel POS

AI Powered Restaurant/Hotel POS is a transformative application designed to enhance the dining experience in hotels and restaurants. By providing a QR code on each table, customers gain immediate access to the menu, complete with dish visuals and videos. This feature enables guests to order directly from their tables, significantly reducing wait times and decision-making hesitancy.

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AIBuffer – Explore our OpenAI and ChatGPT Products

AIBuffer is a cutting-edge technology platform that specializes in OpenAI and ChatGPT products. Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals with the latest AI technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. Our OpenAI products are designed to help businesses automate repetitive tasks and improve decision-making. Our ChatGPT products, on the other hand, are designed to assist with customer support and engagement.

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Creative NFT Marketplace

If you want to purchase or sell digital assets from art, music, domains to entire virtual world, Creative NFT Marketplace is the right place. You will have a big list of Creative NFT Marketplace now in different niche. We have a ready to use Creative NFT Marketplace for you with non-fungible tokens. This is based on Ethereum Blockchain.

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Creative Medical Software

Creative Medical Software is a super easy and efficient software that do all sorts of work related to managing the hospital or clinic in a better and faster way. Traditionally, a hospital manages its daily activities via manual logs or documents which are really a backdated method and also a lengthy procedure to manage data and reports. Creative Buffer wants to make the life easy of all the hospital staff, patients and increase overall performance.

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Creative Fleet Management System

Our FMS is equipped with Advanced vehicle tracking to help you better manage your fleet. It is equipped with auto alerts on aggressive driving, Starts & Stops, Speeding, and excessing stoppage. Geofencing helps you track the location of your fleet.

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Creative Education ERP

Our School ERP Software is full suit with features to manage all your school operations starts from Students/staff registration, Attendance, Medical history, Documents, Online exams, performance, payroll management, library management, and much more.

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Creative Inventory Management System

Manage your business with our well-designed IMS. It's designed and developed to manage your sales, suppliers, warehouses, products, assets, loans, Invoices, and forecast extensive profit/loss report of your business in a few clicks at a single dashboard.

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HRM Management System

HRM Management System are sharing Most Advanced Human Resource Management system those offering starting to end solution from recruitment to retirement covering a complete employee lifecycle with advanced features.

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Creative Multivendor Solution

E-commerce is trending and setting up an online business takes time. With our MMS, you can start in no-time, It is equipped with advanced product catalogs, vendors management, invoicing, commission-based payments supporting most demanding Payment gateways.

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Find Your Doctor

Our FYD enables all type of patients to book near by doctors. Scheduling appointments with doctors, accessing test reports, clinical notes and review system is helping thousand of clinics and patients now.

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Creative Gate Management Software

Gate cum Security management System is available for all small to large scale business to manage their gate operations starting from Visitor records, vehicle in-out records, employee attendence. It is flexible enough to be integrated with other open source platforms.

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Creative Distributor Management Software

It easy to manage the demand of distributors having a dedicated platform for that. We do provide dedicated platform to manage your distributors, their orders, Invoices and payment status. Our portal is equipped with advanced reporting system to track profit/loss statements as well as customer retention.

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Creative Accounting Software

Our System is valid for all small scale business who are managing their work manually. You do not have to worry about the party ledgers, their credits and debit as it is all recorded well. Auto invoice generation, challans auto credit notes and debit notes are easy to manage with little experience in accounts.

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Creative Buffer Urban Betting

UrbanBetting is an international sports betting company that was founded by people with a passion for sports. As soon as you enter the website of UrbanBetting, you get the feeling that this entire site is dedicated to sports betting.

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Creative Buffer Online Casino

Onbet168.com offer custom online platform. Play the most exciting online casino games wide selection of Online slots,online sports book.You get more benefits with our white label poker, baccarat, slots & sports.

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Cryptocurrency Alerts System

Tuxxey is a platform for passionate, futuristic media, listing and cryptocurrency platform for the next generation of investors who believe in cryptocurrencies and digital assets are contributing to the evolution of the global financial system helps you to be updated with the latest price of some trending cryptocurrencies.

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Printing Agency

This will allows you to create designs from scratch or choose from our templates and tailor them to your brand. Our easy drag and drop functionality ensures a user friendly experience for anyone. Its powerful features help you choose the dimensions, price and checkout. You will be allocated with a personal assistance executive if in case you need any help.

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