Website Development

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What makes a successful web application? First and foremost, the application needs to fulfill the intended business functions reliably, accurately, and productively. Next, maintenance of the application needs to be simple and affordable.

The user experience delivered must be positive. And above all, the financial and functional benefits you receive need to outweigh the time and money put into its development so your ROI is acceptable.

Activities During the Web Development Project

Our dedication to building a long-term partnership with you is evident in the full-cycle services we offer which cover from-start-to-finish production and implementation. Our project management system regularly communicates its activities and deliverables to you with 100% transparency.



Every new engagement begins with a discussion about short and long-term desires for your project. To ensure we get off to a fresh and clean start, our engineers will review any existing codebases and all hidden document requirements or other issues before we start on the project. Toward the end of this process, we can begin to work together to establish benchmarks that match your goals, timeframe, and budget.



In the design phase, our primary focus is to create a flawless end user experience for your completed application. We use an interactive process of user feedback and wire-framing to help us reduce the workflow to its most efficient and intuitive design.



Throughout development, your personal Creative Buffer Software Scrum Master maintains a macroscopic perspective of the project and serves as your individual contact point, easing all communication and ensuring the project timeline by matching the most appropriate development techniques and methodologies with the best domain expertise and project management tools.


Quality Assurance

Our QA and testing processes are crafted according to internationally recognized QA standards and practices, and we combine this with advanced testing tools to safeguard the delivery of high quality software.



Our software engineers at Creative Buffer Software deploy your application to a test environment regularly. When the time comes for production deployment, there will be no surprises as the software has been fully tested.



Based on your needs, we can commit code continuously to your code repository or deliver finished features by milestones. If unforeseen problems threaten to delay deadline goals, we will proactively decide together the most efficient way to get the project back on schedule. Before your software solution is complete, we will perform final QA checks to make sure your product is bug-free and ready for action the moment it is delivered.



We want you to run your business with no interruptions so we provide maintenance and software enhancements services to allow your application to stand the test of time.

Why Creative Buffer?

We’ve been designing, building and supporting web applications for over a decade. As a reliable custom web application development company, Creative Buffer Software has earned good and reliable reputation, so you can trust us with your largest and most ambitious projects.


We want you to be completely content with every feature we are working together on, so we provide all Creative Buffer Software clients with a dedicated project manager as well as a development team before we even write a single line of code. As we get to know you and understand the unique needs of your project, we can better anticipate the next steps and deliver your project in a timely manner.


We employ only the best developers and never sub-contract our work. That means when you work with Creative Buffer Software you can be assured you’re working with the smartest group of committed web application developers who answer directly to us. Whether you’re improving outdated code or creating new, cutting-edge, responsive apps, our team has the knowledge and experience to accomplish every project goal.


HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t merely catchwords to us — they’re the tools and technologies we live and breathe to design and develop unparalleled mobile, tablet and desktop applications for our clients. Whether we’re using Angular, Vue.js, React, Node.js, we’re forging the way in building first-class single page web apps that are compact, easily maintained, and fast.


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